How are you currently communicating with your customers? Do you have your own in house team or are you paying an external marketing agency? With proven results in outsourcing your marketing and less costs than employing your own marketing staff. We have the perfect answer. For less than £7,000 a year, you could have all your marketing taken care of.
and quoteInbound marketing delivers 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing.and quote
Outsource your marketing today and reap the benefits of the support of a specialised marketing team for minimal costs.

Infrared Media can support you with experts in marketing, graphic design, digital media, website design and print so you have everything you need all under one roof.

Web & Media

We offer a full range of digital services ranging from fully coded websites with content management systems to e-mail marketing and social media management.


We offer consultation and mentoring services to discuss your target market and assess your current marketing to help develop marketing strategies and action plans best suited for your business.
Design & Print

Design & Print

In house graphic designers on hand to help you build the perfect brand identity with high quality artwork, which can be printed using state of the art technology.
Make the change today and help us to help you develop a marketing strategy to keep you ahead of your competitors. We have marketing support packages available where you have access to a marketing team, dedicated to support your business and full in-house support.
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We are certified by
chartered Institute of Marketing